Wolterinck is proud to be involved with Turgenev, an exclusive residential project in the center of Moscow, developed by LLC Design and Construction Company “NeoStroy”. We signed for the interior and garden design of the project that exists of 98 luxurious ready-to-stay apartments.

The architectural style of Turgenev elegantly and harmoniously integrates modern trends into the familiar urban landscape of the Moscow center. Modern panoramic glazing and the use of natural stone in the decoration create a subtle organic matter that brings together a contemporary building and a historical architectural ensemble. Wolterinck designed the floorplans of all 98 apartments among which several penthouses on the 7th and 8th floor. We also designed the communal spaces, such as the lobby’s and the elevator hallways.

The interior design of Turgenev can be characterized by sophistication and a metropolitan European luxury style. This is the result of striking architectural statements and the use of specific materials such as honed marble in neutral tones, bronze elements, luxurious wooden and travertine wall coverings and elegant wooden floors. The quality of the interior design puts Turgenev on a par wit the best residential estates of London, New York and Amsterdam.

The gated landscaped garden, also designed by Wolterinck, is harmoniously integrated into the courtyard and makes Turgenev truly exclusive. Besides a clear route to the central hallway of the building, Wolterinck created several garden rooms where the residents of Turgenev can enjoy themselves and relax. With greenery, flowers, pergola’s, fountains, sculptures and recreation areas for children and adults the garden induces a modest elegant, friendly and homely feeling. The privacy and isolation of such a space in the heart of Moscow is exceptional.

More information about Turgenev: https://www.turgenev-dom.ru/en/


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