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Our partners speak

Wolterinck’s designs are perfectly matched to the vision upheld by Maretti Lighting. Working with high grade materials, subtle use of colour and intricate details, we jointly develop a timeless and exclusive collection of designer fixtures.

Edgard Heins, CEO Maretti

Our passion for natural materials, timeless design and high quality down to the smallest detail is what connects us to designers such as Marcel Wolterinck.

Rijndert en Marleen Fluit, Founders Nilson

The Wolterinck projects show our products at their best.

Nick Otten, CEO Indivipro

Why Wolterinck: Marcel’s origins in floristry are actually very similar to Serax’s background. We too started by creating for florists. Our current passion also runs parallel. But above all, Marcel is quite simply an extremely talented designer and I’ve admired his work for some time.

Axel Van Den Bossche , CEO Serax

A pleasant cooperation with a first-class specialist, Marcel Wolterinck. Inspired by his expertise and international experience. A complete picture, a presentation that is in tune with the interior. This has all resulted in a successful collection Borek is proud of.

Frank Bogaers , CEO Borek