€ 85,00

A new book full of inspiration by Wolterinck (Terra Publishers, March 2020). A big and beautiful eyecatcher for on the coffee table, existing of 352 pages filled with superb photos of our most stunning projects – from the interior design of an exclusive yacht to the styling of a villa in Greece, from the latest products designed by Wolterinck to the lay out and planting of impressive gardens. Including a separate small book (40 pages) with in-depth texts, floorplans, design drawings and before and after pictures. Photography: Peter Baas and Marco Peters.

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Designing Your World


Wolterinck's World BeFore

€ 102,50

Marcel Wolterinck selected 25 projects that have been decisive on the road towards Wolterinck’s World. The projects are described and explained clearly. The large, remarkable size and the luxury box the book is packaged in do full justice to the luxury yet modest style that is so characteristic of Wolterinck projects.

Wolterinck OUTside IN

€ 82,50

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This book illustrates more than anything the connection between inside and outside, presenting fabulous garden designs that link outdoor areas to house interiors. The project comprises projects in both the Netherlands and abroad, breathtakingly photographed by Sigurd Kranendonk.

Style + Life

€ 49,50

Wolterinck’s World Style + Life describes in words and pictures the synthesis of worlds that are the work and life of Marcel Wolterinck.

Elements / Essence

€ 36,00 / including slipcase € 65,00

Wolterinck’s World as presented in two books in a luxurious slipcase take the reader on a voyage through Marcel Wolterinck’s creative world. He first opened a flower dcorations business in Holland in 1986, and soon he was arranging dinner parties and other social events, and customers and friends began to seek his advice on the interior