Working for Wolterinck

Wolterinck comprises Marcel Wolterinck and a team of 25, from stylist to garden designer and from project manager to purchaser. New opportunities arise fairly regularly, so keep an eye on posts on this website or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn. Open applications are also welcome.

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Wolterinck is very down to earth. Although you might not expect it from a company operating in the highest segment of the market and where living is practically an art form, but a no-nonsense mentality prevails within Wolterinck. On the one hand, we are continually pushing our aesthetic and functional limits so as to be able to serve our clients as well as possible, yet, on the other hand, the house must of course be habitable. This is why we always design in collaboration with our clients and work with them as equal sparring partners. We listen carefully to the client’s wishes and deliver tailor-made projects at all levels. A country farmhouse for a family with young children presents a different set of demands on a design than a chalet in the mountains or a penthouse in the city.

No two Wolterinck designs are the same and we always look for that something that will make the project different. And we look for a balance of functionality and beauty. Throughout the process, we aim to relieve the client of any burden as much as possible, something that demands an extremely service-minded approach. And an eye for detail, because dotting the i’s makes a difference. If this approach is familiar to you, we’d love to hear from you.