The chances are you’ll be seeing a lot of Wolterinck in the media this autumn. In addition to adverts in various magazines, such as Elsevier’s interior special Residence and the Museumplein Polo Amsterdam magazine, there are interviews and fantastic spreads covering our projects in, amongst others, Residence, FD Persoonlijk Magazine, Chic Gardens Belgium and Chic Gardens Netherlands. What’s more, you can find the latest news and inspiration for the home on our own social media. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.


Wolterinck designs 98 luxury apartments in Moscow

Wolterinck is proud to be involved with Turgenev, an exclusive residential project in the center of Moscow... Read more

Wolterinck wins European Property Award 2020-2021

We were awarded a five star European Property Award 2020-2021 for our project Villa aan de plassen... Read more


Now available in stores: a big interview with Marcel Wolterinck in the Dutch magazine Quote... Read more