Wolterinck has designed a new modular lighting series for the Maretti Lighting Design Collection. Called Infinito, the lamp’s design has a novel interplay of materials. The unique combination of bronze, leather and smoked glass exudes luxury and elegance and takes the design to a higher level.

The base of the lamp is bronze, a warm hue that combines beautifully with the luxury leather fitted by hand to the lamp. The smoked glass is tinted from dark to light making it seem as if the glass is infinite when the light is on as it gradually, practically imperceptibly, becomes the light beam. The sophisticated design means the fixture is truly part of the overall interior design even when the light is switched off.

The name speaks for itself, of course: Infinito offers infinite possibilities. The 1 light pendant can be used in different suspension systems and ceiling panels, and multiple fixtures can be mounted in a single line or at different heights.

The Infinito series will initially include a 1light pendant and a 1 light wall lamp. A 2 light table lamp, a 4 light floor lamp and a large 16 light chandelier are currently being developed. An 8 light pendant may also follow.


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