Wolterinck has designed a minimalist tableware and cutlery collection for Serax called the Heii, a collection inspired by the Japanese kitchen. Wholly in line with the Japanese concept of shared dining, the Heii collection focuses on mutual enjoyment.

Mix and match the extensive range of bowls in white china or grey smoked glass on the birch trays and combine them with the matching coffee cups and glasses.

The indents in the natural birch trays in the Heii collection make it seem as if they float. The small coffee tray is perfect for serving your guest a cup of coffee or glass of water. The large tray has been specially designed so that you can enjoy nibbles with your table companions. The trays’ measurements and rounding coordinate perfectly with the bowls and plates from the Heii collection.

The angular, minimalistic cutlery completes the tableware collection, the rounded edges giving it a softer appearance. The nine-piece cutlery set includes table and dessert knives, forks and spoons, a coffee spoon, an espresso spoon and a butter knife. The matt brushed stainless steel version follows the porcelain range, while the black PVD coating of the dark version leans towards the smoked glass.


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