Borek by Wolterinck

The Samos series has style and appeal. The furniture has sleek lines and essentially a very simple, stylish appearance. De Samos series has two types of dining chair, a lounge chair, sofa, lounger, ottoman and various tables. The tables are available in different sizes and in the colours white or anthracite. All the tables are aluminium and can be combined with the Samos chairs.

Of the two types of dining chair one is aluminium with an aluminium frame, backrest and seat, and the other has an aluminium frame and a batyline backrest and seat. The latter offers more seating comfort when used without cushions thanks to its pliancy. The chairs are available in white and anthracite and include cushions as optional.

The Samos lounge chairs and sofa are also sleek and stylish and can be combined with the low tables. They are available in white and anthracite.