Braided sustainable calfskin rug.

Custom-made braided leather rugs for walls or floors. With these multifunctional calfskin rugs, you have something unique for above your sofa or bed or for on the floor. Whether you opt for a large piece or something smaller, the effect will always be spectacular – in whichever room you place it.The rugs are a result of a design project with Alphenberg. The aim of the project for Wolterinck’s Product Design department was to develop a decorative, sustainable product. It was a project after our own hearts.

We have a huge love for leather. It is a beautiful, pure, natural product that goes well with our interior designs where natural materials and a neutral colour palette dominate. We felt it was important that, along with the sustainable wall tile range Braid, Vivace would also be created sustainably.

The rugs are available in three patterns: one uneven and two even patterns. The uneven patterns are made up of alternating strips with varying widths, and the even patterns have strips of identical widths. The wall covering can be mounted using either a characteristic wrought iron hanging system or a hidden hanging system.

The beautiful result of a perfect collaboration!




The leather comes from young animals that were not bred for their skins. In essence, the leather is a by-product. The way Alphenberg itself treats the leather in a completely sustainable way to create high-quality leather suitable for use in high-end interior design is already an extremely sustainable approach.

The whole process, from farm to tannery, takes place in the Netherlands. Acquisition is a fully transparent process through a company that has made the complete history of the skins traceable. The animals have looked after our Dutch landscape in accordance with the strict standards set by the ‘Better Life’ hallmark and the ‘Vitel-oké’ brand.

Sustainability is also most certainly the case in the making of the leather where chrome-free is the key word. Modern tanning techniques in line with current regulations ensure that not only is there less environmental damage, but that there is also a positive side-effect in that the colours become more intense. It should also be mentioned that the skins, contrary to popular methods, are now  ‘air dried’ which again represents a notable saving in energy. A further, and very relevant advantage of this way of drying is that the particular character of the leather comes out better. The unique grain pattern in the leather is amplified thanks to the minimal processing. This new way of finishing leads to savings of 60 to 80% in the level of energy and chemicals used compared to the old way. The top finish is ‘organic’ and water-repellent (based on natural extracts and GOTS certified). Throughout the process, water use has been reduced to a minimum.





The colours have been carefully chosen and range from a very light sand tint and various shades of brown to black.
The ZERO Nubuck has a fine grain and a velvety suppleness, and is soft, matt and lovely to the touch.

COLLECTION                                      Zero Nubuck

SIZE                                                       On request

LEATHER                                             Calfskin

                ORIGIN                                                The Netherlands

TOP LAYER                                         Torn

         THICKNESS                                         1.2 – 1.4 mm

                      FIRE SAFETY LABEL                          BS 5852 (2006) Crib 5

                                                                PRICE                                                   € 1,899 Per m2 incl. VAT, excl. hanging system