The new collection of furniture, lighting and garden accessories that Marcel Wolterinck has successfully launched is the result of the tireless efforts of an whole team of designers and product developers. This dynamic team both pushes and maintains the boundaries of the distinctive Wolterinck style, in which purity is an essential factor. The ‘special design Wolterinck' collections are being launched by leading manufacturers such as the furniture brand Linteloo, the lighting giant Maretti, Bod'or doors and the exclusive window coverings brand Nature Deco.

The collection includes furniture, hearths, lighting, carpeting/rugs and window treatments, as well as items such as doors and door fittings. Natural materials and distinctive shapes are an essential factor in every product design. Furthermore, the designs must combine traditional craftsmanship with hi-tech elements to create a ‘product that speaks for itself. Wolterinck is a no-nonsense designer: "Each design must be an integral part of the interior without taking centre stage." Click here to view our products.